Shim Moore Talks New Music, And Launching A Solo Career

When you have a bankable band and mass popularity via hit songs like the band Sick Puppies has had in their career, it’s hard to step aside and start over. That is exactly what Shimon “SHIM” Moore did when he left that band in 2014. But his story was just beginning, as he has plotted a return. Now he is back in the spotlight as a bandleader and a true solo artist in every sense. He released the incredible, rocking new song ‘Hallelujah’ this past spring, with its hilarious accompanying music video. The new song definitely reminded people that Shim is an artist to watch with a lot more to say. Armed with a D.I.Y. spirit harkening back to his early days in bands, he is preparing his first solo album and promises that ‘Hallelujah’ is just a small taste of what fans can expect. The band recently wowed fans at Rock On The Range and promises more touring and more new music later this year and into 2019. Ghost Cult caught up with Shim by phone recently and he sounded humble to still have the fans by his side, and upbeat about the future. He has an unquenchable positivity that you could feel just over the phone. However, he is also hungry with something to prove, and looking forward much more than at his past.

GC: SHIM! Great to chat with you again! Congrats on Hallelujah, I am really digging it!

Shim Moore: Thank you! You never know how people are going to react to that first new thing they hear when they only know your old songs, but the response has been amazing. It’s been beyond my expectations.


The video is incredible too.

Thanks man! It’s been a great experience. I really didn’t have much to do with the idea. It was pitched to me and I thought it was great. Most bands take themselves too seriously. This was a lot of fun and is a great way to present my first new song in some time to the fans.


Humor is a great way to sell the track, which is very upbeat considering these dark times we live in.

Music should be fun and the track is powerful and meant to inspire. Like all my music, it started out as an idea that grew bigger and bigger. This is just a small sample of what my new album will sound like. I really can’t wait for everyone to hear it.


Was it scary for you to get started on new music?

You know I started over from nothing, from scratch. Zero. When you are in a band, you have to be of one mind, make decisions together and learn to agree and get along. It’s always a challenge to get everyone on the same page about everything. There is an infrastructure in place to being in a band like Sick Puppies used to be, and when I left, that was it. I started over and now all of the pressure is on me for everything. In some ways, it’s easier and it’s also more difficult too if that makes sense.


Sure. Now let’s talk about shows. You have played a few shows here and there the last few years. By all accounts, you went out with your solo band and killed at Rock On The Range this year.

Rock on the Range was awesome! Better than I ever imagined. I want to thank all my fans who show up and supported us. All I have is my name, the songs I helped write, and new music I am making. We have nothing else. Most of these bands came on big tour buses, have entire crews, and techs to set everything up for them. Everything set up to help them be great for that short time they out there on stage. We all flew in a few days before the show, rehearsed up the set list and got ready. Then we came to the festival, teched for ourselves and put on a great show. I think people were surprised to see me do everything, like tune my own guitar, but it’s cool. I don’t feel like a rock star, I just love making music and being on stage. It felt great to be welcomed back by the fans and they loved hearing ‘Hallelujah’ live for the first time. We also played some Sick Puppies hits, which of course I am going to do since I helped write them. I put together a really great band of guys and I felt great when we got done with our set. In Sick Puppies, I always wanted a second guitarist so I could perform a little more live, act out the songs and put on a real show. Now I get to give the fans a real show and use the entire stage, instead of worrying about covering everything on guitar. It’s great!


Let’s hear about new music. You are working on your debut solo album, right?

The record is almost finished. I wrote everything and I am co-producing it. I’ll be back in California soon to work on it. We just have a few more things to add, and then off to mastering. We have shopped a demo around and I would love for a label to put this out. At the same, time the music business is not the same as it was, so if I have to I will finish it and put it out myself if I have to. Direct to fans. I just want to get back to sharing my music and I can’t wait for everyone to hear this album. I really believe it’s the best music I have ever made.

That sounds great! We can’t wait to hear this album. Thanks for spending some time with Ghost Cult!

Thank you and have a great night!

You can buy ‘Hallelujah’ by Shim as all dsp’s now: