INTERVIEW: Leather Leone Breaks Down “We Are The Chosen” and Talks About Her Legendary Career in Heavy Metal


This interview first appeared on the Ghost Cult podcast, but was so much fun, we wanted to share it on YouTube as well.

Ghost Cult caught up with singer Leather Leone to discuss her new solo album – “We Are The Chosen” out now via Steamhammer/SPV! Leather has an over 40-year career in music worth investigating, and we went deep on her history, her new album, her time as the voice of Chastain, her love for Ronnie James Dio, and much more!




Watch “Who Rules the World” music video here:

Order the album here:


Interview by Keefy:


Video editing by Omar Cordy of OJC Photography​​​​


Theme music by Salted Wounds


This video includes a shoutout (mention) to Mad Meg


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