Hippotraktor Share a Single and Video for “Renegade” – New Album Coming Soon

Belgian progressive post-metal quintet, Hippotraktor, have just released their brand new single and video, “Renegade.” The song is taken from their forthcoming full-length album, Stasis, which is due out on June 07th, via Pelagic Records, on CD, gatefold LP, and all digital platforms. Check out the new video and more from the band in the article below.

Pre-order Stasis here: https://orcd.co/hippotraktor

Comments guitarist Chiaran Verheyden“Renegade” is my favorite song on the new album. I remember going to a show — the lights went out, the band coming on stage, and at the same time I heard a riff in my head that would be perfect as an opener. After the show, the first thing I did was rush home and record what would become [the song’s] first riff.

Consisting of seven compositions written with the full creative force of the five-piece in mind, Hippotraktor’s second record is a lavish, dynamically complex sound, with a multilayered structure much greater than the sum of its parts. Operating at the intersection of Meshuggah’s relentless, polyrhythmic pounding and Gojira’s colossal atmospheric weight, Hippotraktor expanded upon their already distinctive sound in 2021 by introducing vocalist Stefan De Graef (also of Psychonaut) who’s performance bring with it an intriguing new depth to producer, guitarist and principal songwriter Verheyden’s already formidable musical storytelling.

Having deftly transformed the band’s previously disparate instrumental compositions into a singular, driving work of sonic fiction, “Renegade” is lifted from the middle of the concept album’s epic narrative. The piece sees a nameless protagonist bravely declare war against the insidious Silver Tongues, voices of greed and corruption that have wormed their way into the ear of humanity. With waves of hope and despair masterfully orchestrated as moments of musical tranquillity and visceral, crushing breakdowns, “Renegade” represents an enthralling chapter in Hippotraktor’s sonic storytelling, just one part of Stasis’ ongoing tale charting the fragile trajectory of human nature in an age of spiralling inequality and unchecked greed. Taken from the Greek word for “stoppage,” Stasis is Hippotraktor’s warning to us all; a call to action and compassion in a world that’s hurtling towards a cynical standstill.

Watch Hippotraktor’s previously release video for “Silver Tongue” here – https://youtu.be/xSDCGaPVGWI – and the record’s title track here – https://youtu.be/MVUN0qs5zFk

Stefan de Graef – Vocals
Jakob Fiszer – Bass
Chiaran Verheyden – Guitar
Lander De Nyn – Drums
Sander Rom – Guitar/vocals

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