Ghost Cult Presents: The Crushing Underground Compilation Vol. 1

Ghost Cult has shared the very first compilation album in our history today. Crushing Underground Compilation Vol. 1 features 15 tracks of badass stoner rock, doom, and other music sure to give you a boot heading into your weekend! The comp features bands such as Horehound, Goosed, Ghost:Hello, Black Spirit Crown, Horseburner (appearing courteous of Ripple Music), Shadow Witch, LakeLake, Sparrowmilk, Night Goat, Jakethehawk, Cheap Heat, Matter of Planets, We The Creature, Supercorrupter, and Radian. The compilation is FREE, but any funds we collect will go to the National Bail Fund Network! Please follow our account as we have more music and comps coming soon!


Horehound – Unbind

Goosed – The Size of Human Suffering

Ghost:Hello – Fingerstache

Black Spirit Crown – Teutates

Horseburner – Hand of Gold, Man of Stone

Shadow Witch – Spearfinger

Lake Lake – Eva Braun Double Dutch 

Sparrowmilk – Western Reserve

Night Goat – Chubby Slug 

Jakethehawk – First We Kill All The Lawyers

Cheap Heat – Megaloblodon

Matter of Planets – Baberaham Lincoln

Suppercorrupter – Black Galaxy

We The Creature – Cliffs of Maturity

Radian – Not Dying