Beyond The Gates 2018: Live In Bergen, NO

Once again we return to the frozen north, Norway to be exact. Norway and its many metal festivals are becoming like a second home to Ghost Cult. We are thankful that we get to be part of the international metal community, covering festivals in Europe, Scandinavia, America, Canada and elsewhere. For this year’s epic Beyond The Gates, intrepid photographer Daniel Nyman traveled across the sea and over to the motherland of all that is and honest and true about black metal, and really other great kinds of metal too. Taking place at both The Garage and USF Verftet, these world-class kvlt bands With a keen eye for the grim, please enjoy Daniel’s highlights for the fest.

Thursday saw bands like Mysticum, 1349, Sinmara, Malokapatan, Deus Mortem and Mare kick things off for the weekend.

Friday led off with Trom and Rathprayer at the Garage venue. Then a stacked lineup of Blood Incantation, One Head One Tail, Bolzer, Grave Pleasures, Taake (performing Nattesied in full), and Satyricon, taking their victory lap this past summer, after laying waste to the Americas.

Saturday featured Shakma and Ghost Cult favorites Spectral Voice at the Garage. This was followed by Portrait, Hallas, Eternal Champion, Attic, and Tormentor. Closing thigs out was Enslaved with a special once in a lifetime performance of Frost. 

Of course, 2019 was announced as soon as the weekend was over and it already it looks incredible, with more bands yet to be announced. This also closes the book on another year of fests in the book for us in Norway. Like our forefathers, we’ll point our vegvisir, hit the open sea (or the skies) again to carry us home.