FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Roadburn Festival 2022 — Welcome Back!

As we continue to live in one of the most challenging times in history, one this for certain: music lovers are relieved to have somewhat of a return to normalcy. The return of live music, especially heavy music, provides the cathartic relief we have all been looking for. After over a year of postponements, cancellations, and livestreams, it’s a relief to get to experience live music, and return to experiencing art in the best way possible – together!

Roadburn Festival, taking place this year from April 21st – 24th, is Ghost Cult’s favorite music festival in all of the world, which is saying something since we have done most of the major ones. When Ghost Cult was founded in 2012, in part to cover the scene Roadburn was born from, we took it as a sacred charge. Roadburn highlights and propels the best underground, and avant-garde artists in the world, and we are proud to be back covering the fest. Intrinsic to the fest are the artists in residence and curators such as Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone of GGGOLDDD this year.

Although brilliantly curated once again by Artistic Director Walter Hojmakers and his expert support team, the festival has continued to evolve year over year. This year is no exception with brilliant acts, artists in residence, curated programs, esteemed artists, side programs, the pre-fest party, and the all-night bacchanal dance parties. While we appreciate and respect all of the bands performing this year, what follows is our must-see list of artists each day.

Thursday April 21st:

Russian Circles, Solstafir, Helms Alee, ZAAAR, Wyat E. Smote, The Devil’s Trade, Lili Refrain, 40 Watt Sun, SLIFT, Messa, Year of No Light, Vile Creature 7 Bismuth, BRUIT, Big Brave, Spiritual Poison, Forndom, Oslo Tapes.

Friday April 22nd:

Sum of R, TAU & The Drones of Praise, HEALTH, Alcest, Amnesia Scanner, Clout Rat, Warhorse, Gott, Supersonic BLues, Alice Hubble, YODOK III, Red Kite, Full of Hell, GGGOLDDD, Wiegedood, SLIFT, James Kent & Johannes Persson, Svalbard, Primitive Man, LLNN, Atonia, Zetra, FREJA, Black Saagan

Saturday April 23rd:

Ulver, Full of Hell x Nothing, KANGA, Dans Dans, Duma, Senyawa, Kaelan Mikla, SLIFT x Etienne Jaumet, Liturgy, Nothing, Radar Men From The Moon, Five the Hierophant, TONUS, Lustmord x Karin park x Arabrot, Emma Ruth Rundle, Hangman’s Chair, Sordide, Midwife, Divide and Dissolve, Jo Quail.

Sunday April 24th:

Green Lung, Radar Men From The Moon x Twin Sister, Full of Hell ft. Spiritual Poison, Hangman’s Chair x Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, Alkerdeel, Vitriol, Huntsmen, Mizmor, Lamp of Murmuur, Lingua Ignota, Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, Solar Temple x Dead Neanderthals, Die Wilde Jagd, Het Concreet, Mandy Indiana, S0WT, The Devil’s Trade x John Cxnnor.


Roadburn’s side programme is the stuff of legends as well:


Roadburn’s side programme co-ordinator, Becky Laverty comments:

“The side programme has become a cornerstone of each Roadburn edition, and we’re delighted to be bringing together this great selection of Q&A’s and panel discussions that reflect what’s going on in the main musical programme. A huge thanks to everyone who will participate in bringing together the Roadburn community in this special way.”


Earlier this week exhibitions by Roadburn’s official 2022 artists Valreza Collective, renowned photographer William Lacalmontie, and a career retrospective of multi-disciplinary artist Manuel Tinnemans were all announced.

Manuel Tinnemans

William Lacalmontie

Valreza Collective


The Roadburn side programme returns for 2022 – reflecting elements of the musical programme in a series of Q&A’s and panel discussions taking place over the weekend.


Roadburn has teamed up with the Hell Bent for Metal podcast to host a panel exploring the overlap between the heavy music and queer communities. Joining host Tom Dare will be Liturgy’s Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, K.W Campol of Vile Creature and Meredith Graves (ex-Perfect Pussy). Read more here.


Hosted by Metal Injection’s Frank Godla, the second panel featuring Hunter Hunt-Hendrix will take a deep dive into the relationship between classical and contemporary heavy music. Joining them will be Kristin Hayter (aka Lingua Ignota) and cellist Jo Quail. Read more here.


As is tradition, Optimal Media’s Andreas Kohl will be holding court and getting stuck into the thorny issue of vinyl manufacture. However, this time around the Vinyl Veda Vault will kick off with a panel discussion looking into the impact of the current vinyl situation and what the future holds. Joining Andreas will be band manager Erin Lynch and label owner Ansgar Glade. Read more here.


Roadburn 2022 has been an unusual event to put together (for some obvious reasons and some not so obvious reasons!) – the side programme will host a Q&A with Roadburn’s artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers alongside curators Milena Eva and Thomas Sciarone to find out more about putting together the festival. Read more here.


The final event of the side programme will focus on two tenets that have helped shaped Roadburn: community and collaboration. Host Cody F. Davis will be joined by A.L.N of Mizmor, Dylan Walker of Full of Hell, Emma Ruth Rundle, and Primitive Man’s Ethan Lee McCarthy to explore how these things impact on their lives and work. Read more here.

Roadburn’s artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers comments:

“Following the success of Roadburn Redux we’re very proud to have a number of special sets and collaborations from Dutch artists at Roadburn this year – further emphasising Roadburn 2022’s artistic scope. With Europe opening up even further, things are looking really good for Roadburn this year, and we’re so looking forward to welcoming everyone to Tilburg in two months from now. Before then, we still have several more announcements up our sleeve, so stay tuned!|