FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Damnation Festival 2018

Damnation Festival, the long-running extreme underground one-dayer in the UK, takes place once again at Leeds University for the 13th edition. Headlined by Napalm Death, Ihsahn (exclusive UK appearance), Entombed A.D., Vader, Annal Nathrakh and also featuring Batoushka, The Ocean, Ne Obliviscaris, Celeste, Rosetta and more. Taking place on four stages with over 30 bands, this is a can’t miss show. If you don’t already have tickets, bad news, it is totally sold out! Most of the bands don’t clash too badly, save for Vader and The Ocean (tough call if you love both bands). Check out our stage by stage breakdown, clash minder, and other info below.

The Jagermeister Stage is packed with headline sets from Napalm Death, Ihsahn, Entombed A.D., Anaal Nathrakh, Ne Obliviscaris, and Cancer. All pretty much can’t miss sets.

Tone MGMT Stage has Vader, Batushka, Celeste, Saor, Lik, Fuckpig, and Leeched. Batushka is the can’t miss band on this stage, as they wowed us when we saw them.

Cult Never Dies Stage has kvlt band Ghost Bath, Mourning Beloveth, A Forest Of Stars, Bong, Insanity Alert, Mol and Hundred Year Old Man. Of these bands, you must see Ghost Bath, A Forest of Stars and Mol.

EyeSore Merch Stage has The Ocean, Monuments, Arabrot, Rosetta, Ohhms, Caligula’s Horse, and Vola. If you love Post-metal and post-rock, you will likely only be at this stage.