EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Iva Toric – “Actions Speak Louder”

Doomy symphonic metal artist Iva Toric has released a new single, ‘Actions Speak Louder’. The track comes from her forthcoming debut album, The Devil’s Mark, due later this fall. The track is explosive and melancholy all at once, featuring Iva’s amazing vocals. The video, directed by Matt Akana (Asking Alexandria, Unlikely Candidates), compliments the track perfectly. Watch this clip right now!

“’Actions Speak Louder’ is about honesty,” shares IVA. “It’s about speaking truthfully and acting on your words. Do what you say you’ll do especially when it’s hard or inconvenient. When emotions are high and chaos reigns we display our true character.”

I realize more and more each day how meaningless words are when not accompanied by congruent actions—from those we love and from our leaders. Actions Speak Louder is my mantra today.”

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