EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Imonolith – “Breathe [The Quarantine Sessions]”

Ghost Cult is psyched to bring you an exclusive video from supergroup Imonlith today! The band has been productive during the pandemic, releasing a series of clips curating socially distanced tracks from their debut album! Today we are here to share ‘Breathe [The Quarantine Sessions]’ The group will release a new video in the series every Monday for the entire albums’ tracklist. The band just released their acclaimed debut album, State of Being, and features a veritable who’s who of tremendous talents, such as drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen (Devin Townsend Project), guitarist Brian ‘Beav’ Wadell (Devin Townsend Project), Jon Howard (Threat Signal), guitarist Kai Huppunen (Methods of Mayhem, Noise Therapy) and Scott Whalen (Econoline Crush). State of Being also features special guest appearances from Jens Kidman (Meshuggah) and Avatar vocalist Johannes Eckerström. Watch the clip now!

Jon Howard comments:

We have now released quarantine videos for over half of our debut album ‘State Of Being’. A new video is released every Monday until we have finished the entire album. This weeks video is track 7 off the album, the song titled “Breathe’. This is when the album takes a bit of a turn, offering a different vibe. Instantly this song sets itself apart from the others with a melodic clean guitar intro, accompanied with some cool sounding effects. My vocals beginning in the first verse are very relaxed and chill sounding, then build into a larger than life chorus. When I first heard the demo of this song, it sounded like it had been written before, like it was already a big hit from another band. Nope! Its a new song, and we wrote it. So that’s a really good sign that we have something big here! Also, this song really captures our low tuned guitars, and even tho its a slower tempo and very melodic, it crushes pretty damn hard with heavy guitars at the same time.

Each video in the quarantine series is footage taken by the band members in their home. They record video with several different angles playing each song on the album, then send the footage to me for editing. Each song has a unique feeling, so when editing each video I try to capture that with different filters and editing techniques. The goal when recording my own video footage is to do something completely different each time. I am fortunate to have a lot of space in my home, and have come up with several new ideas when shooting my play through footage. For example, in this video Breathe I sang in a room with all of the guitars I own. The various colours and lighting create a very warm vibe for this song. Since this is a more melodic slower tempo song, I felt this was a great approach.

heck out our live feed on instagram tomorrow at 12:30 Pacific time. Members of Imonolith will be discussing the playthrough video live, and will answer any questions you throw down!

State of Being is available in exclusive vinyl and CD formats at www.imonolithband.com, or you can stream the album at the service of your choosing here: https://lnk.to/stateofbeing.

State of Being track listing:

  1. State of Being (intro)
  2. Becoming the Enemy (feat. Johannes Eckerstrom)
  3. Instinct
  4. Dig
  5. The Mourning
  6. Forgone
  7. Breathe
  8. The Reign (feat. Jens Kidman)
  9. We Never Forget
  10. Hollow
  11. Persevere


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