EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Balrogath – “Calamity“


Hailing from Alberta, Epic Blackened melodic “Power Death” band Balrogath will release their new 3-song EP We Bring Calamity on Aug 3, 2023. The band just dropped their first single “Calamity” on June 10th, and it’s a ripper! Powerful, but also with incredible atmosphere, this is one of the best tracks in the genre this year. The band has teamed up with Ghost Cult to premiere their new video today, with a performance clip, that also features the greatest game of all time: Dungeons & Dragons!


Balrogath presents: Calamity a ripping new song to go along with their debut music video. Calamity tells the tale of the band’s behind-the-scenes life, showcasing a deep love of role-playing games and all related entertainment. The band plays a challenging game and meets their untimely doom in a total party-killing DM paradise of a final battle masterminded by the magical Joel Peterson. Watching this video is sure to warm the hearts of any adventurer or tabletop gaming fans alike. -Filmed and directed by Francis Ymbang: https://www.instagram.com/francis.ymbang/


-Edited by Kim Wardrop: https://www.facebook.com/kimplacentgames/


-Music recorded, mixed, and mastered by Scott Oliphant – Colossus Audio Productions: https://www.facebook.com/colossusaudioproductions.




Brooding and melodic with a fiery modern energy, “We Bring Calamity” kicks in the gates with the first single “Calamity.” Playful rhythms and soaring leads that will get buried in your head for days followed by powerful vocals tearing the sonic landscape to shreds make this track stand out as a powerful starting place for this release. “Of The Abyss” picks up where Calamity finishes, setting an engaging groove to headbang along with. Again the use of rhythm stands out, with an ebb and flow to the lyrics and percussion that crashes like the thunder of waves. Just when the mist clears, a powerful and familiar force gathers momentum, “Endless Lifetime of Hate” has begun. A familiar song for long-time followers of the band, finally manifested in its true form. A mighty, frantic expression of love for fantasy explodes as the final track on this crushing EP.


Balrogath formed in 2017 and quickly gained a following in Southern Alberta with their powerful stage presence and intricate composition. Burning the gap between death and power metal, the group takes influence from all corners of the genre, and alchemically blends those components into a sound wholly their own. With years of shows under their belt, Balrogath has only just begun their quest.


The group has been playing relentlessly since 2018 covering many venues and festivals throughout Alberta, and has shared the stage with some of Alberta’s biggest heavy indie bands, such as Mares of Thrace, No More Moments, and Black Pestilence. Balrogath’s live show is one to be remembered.


After the overwhelmingly positive reception of their debut album “Arcane Sacrifice” in 2022 Balrogath has dug deep to bring a more modern sound to their classic composition with the 2023 EP “We Bring Calamity.” The upcoming single “Calamity” is sure to impress, showing off their familiar dark melody with a striking new video to accompany.


Balrogath is:


Chris Saunders/ Warchanter – Guitar, Vocals


Gray Panchuck/ Bladesinger – Vocals


Jesse McCrank/Rhythm Warden – Drums


T.J. Riggins/Loremaster – Bass


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