EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: 10,000 Years – “Cult Axe”

Uncompromising Swedish Stoner Rock power trio 10,000 Years has dropped a new music video for their track “Cult Axe!” The axe falls officially on April 25th on Bandcamp and DSPs from Interstellar Smoke Records and comes in the form of a track loaded with a cascade of brutal riffs and smashing drums, and vitriolic vocals. Check out the video, which is a -in-studio performance clip. Soaked with the vibes from High on Fire, early Mastodon, and The Sword, this badass band is taking no prisoners! Watch “Cult Axe” – here at Ghost Cult!


10,000 Years will release the “Cult Axe” single on April 25th. It is the second single, as well as the opening track, from their heavily awaited new album “III” due out June 24th. The single is accompanied by a DIY music video celebrating old school B- and C-grade horror movies, and it features the horrifying return of The Espbeast!


“Cult Axe” will be released digitally on Bandcamp and the usual streaming services and the video will be available on YouTube, and it features new, exclusive artwork by longtime collaborators Negative Crypt Artwork.


FFO: High On Fire, Black Tusk, The Sword, Kylesa, Mastodon etc


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