EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Walking Bombs – “Focus Shifting The Apocalypse”


Avant-Garde Punk solo-p[roject Walking Bombs will drop a new album Tears We Should Have Shed digitally on April 23rd, 2021. The project comes from the mind of multi-instrumentalist and shit-stirrer Morgan Y. Evans who has built a career of shattering musical conventions and turning expectations upside-down. Tears We Should Have Shed sees Evans performing lead vocals as well as acoustic guitar, trombone, bass, guitar, and piano contributions across the album. Additionally, the record features contributions from Elizabeth “Le Fey” DaPena (Globelamp), Sean Paul Pillsworth (Nightmares For A Week, Jerk Magnet), David Brenner (Gridfailure), David Bodie (ex-Time Of Orchids, Divest, Kayo Dot), Taraka Larson (Taraka, ex-Prince Rama), Jack Manley (The Jenifer Shop), and Justin Zipperle (Shadow Witch). Check out the new track “Focus Shifting The Apocalypse” today at Ghost Cult and pre-order the album now from Bandcamp

Morgan Y. Evans commented:

“This is the heaviest vibe/song on the album, just pure doom and gloom frustration venting over an intense charred crater of sound that Gridfailure composed and submitted to me. It was the last song that I worked on for the whole record, since I knew I would completely blow out my voice hollering all my frustrations at the mass stupidity and gaslighting of the last four years into one song. Some of my favorite parts of the album are on here from the plodding Godzilla march of a beat to a totally killer part where my trombone syncs with this low, doomy shit that Brenner plays and it suddenly sounds like jazz noise Black Sabbath for a few measures. Sean Paul Pillsworth (who engineered the record at Nada Recording in Montgomery, NY) has seen me make plenty of weird screaming faces over the years in bands but after I cut these vocals even he was looking at me like ,’Damn, dude.’ My face was so red I could have called this song ‘Power Shitting the Apocalypse,’ but decided to stay with the theme of morons completely doing anything possible to avoid facing the obvious, be it cult grift, environmental collapse, the need to tax the mega rich or the general wackness of humans. Anyway, RIP DMX and eat your broccoli, kids.”



Pre-orders at Bandcamp here: https://walkingbombs.bandcamp.com/album/tears-we-should-have-shed

Recorded throughout 2020, Tears We Should Have Shed was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Sean Paul Pillsworth at Nada Recording Studio in Montgomery, New York (Senses Fail, Shai Hulud, My Chemical Romance).

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