EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Dayglo Abortions Share New Single – “God Is Love”

One of the greatest Punk Rock bands ever, Dayglo Abortions are hard at work on a new album, Hate Speech, with details to follow soon for a 2022 release! The band just dropped an amazing single – “God Is Love!” Fired up and sardonic as ever, the song is a scorching indictment not of religion or religious people, but the institution of religion and the massive hypocrisies forced on society as a result. Rock!  


Frontman Murray (the cretin) Acton comments: 

This is track #3 from the new dayglo abortions album “Hate Speech”.

I have no problem with an individuals personal belief in a God or gods. Everyone has the right to think what they want to think even if they are wrong. This song is not about personal belief, it’s about the institution of Christianity established by the Roman emperor Constantine Flavius around 300 AD. It is an institution of social control built on hypocrisy that has been a haven for murderers and child molesters since it’s beginning. A god that measures your faith by how much you will suffer for him is no god of mine.



God is Love


Death to the infidel, Death to the apostate, Death to the atheist

God is Love, God is Love

The Blasphemer will burn in hell, the Eucharist will burn in hell, all the sinners will burn in hell

God is Love, God is Love

The righteous will truly suffer, the pious will truly suffer, all gods children will truly suffer

God is Love, God is Love


But if you go down on bended knee

And accept the Christ with his disease

No matter how much you have sinned

God will smile, you will be saved.


(here’s a funny note, I thought a Eucharist was a person who disguised a banned religion like paganism within Christianity so they could practice it UN-noticed. WRONG it is the sacrament of the holy communion…you know the wine=blood of Christ, the bread= his body. Oh well…too late to fix that. Goes to show you what a good catholic I am(not))


released November 5, 2021

Murray (the cretin) Acton – lead vocals and guitar

Matt Fiorito – backup vocals and bass guitar

Blind Marc – drums

recorded and mixed at the physics lab in edmonton alberta by Rob Lawless, and Terry Paholek