EXCLUSIVE LYRIC VIDEO: King Gorm – “Song From Brighter Days”

Ghost Cult is stoked to present the brand new single and lyric video for “Song From Brighter Days”, from San Diego Fantasy rockers King Gorm! The entire world of their songs set in self-made world of bards, wizards, dragons, swords, and mythic legends: all laid down against an epic backdrop of folk, progressive rock, and other influences. If you are digging the throwback sounds of neo-folk, prog, and trad metal bands you will absolutely love King Gorm, and find yourself compelled to undertake a great quest to boot! The bands’ self-titled new album releases on July 31st!  Check out the amazing lyric video for “Song From Brighter Days” now!


Francis Roberts commented:

I wrote Song From Brighter Days (or “SFBD” as Dylan calls it) to be a sort of a clone of what I think of as the pre-1980s rocker ballad. Put bluntly, this song is inspired by Temple of the King (Rainbow), Soldier of Fortune (Deep Purple), Brain Damage/Eclipse (Pink Floyd), Never More (Elf), and pretty much all the other heavy hitters of the 70s that used ballads as a dynamic both to show off and to make the big parts of an album sound bigger. 


The lyric video was created by Bernie Giovannini (who is involved with a great cross-genre playlist site called Fresh Pots that I strongly recommend) and features the artwork you’ll find in physical copies of the album. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album, and I hope you like it! 

Track listing:

2. Freedom Calls

3. Four Heroes

4. Irondale Burning

5. Song From Brighter Days

6. Beyond Black Rainbow

7. The Witch of Irondale

8. Slaughter the King

9. Ultimate Reality


King Gorm is:

Francis Roberts – electric guitar, vocals, music & lyrics (Old Man Wizard, ex-Dread Crew of Oddwood)

Erich Beckmann – bass guitar (Kirby’s Dream Band, Grim Luck)

Dylan Marks – drums, percussion, vocals (Beekeeper, Fermentor)

Saki Chan – Hammond organ, ARP Odyssey, mellotron, vocals


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