Billy Howerdel Says A Perfect Circle Has Every Intention of Releasing New Music This Year

A Perfect Circle recently announced a new U.S. tour, and it looks like we may get some new music this year as well. In a new interview with Billboard, guitarist Billy Howerdel said this, “We’re not promising anything, but I have every intention of doing my best to have us playing some new tracks during this run — with the idea that new music is coming very soon after. To be honest, I thought it would be a few years earlier. There’s so many scheduling things between all of us. Maynard’s got a lot of projects going on, and it felt like a few years ago it was going to happen, but this is just the way the schedules lined up. But I’m always excited to get the machine back up and going.”

Read the full interview with Billy at, and start praying to the music Gods that A Perfect Circle delivers new music this year! It’s been way too long!