Beyond Salvation’s New EP “A Line In The Sand” Is Out Soon

Manchester, UK, heavy metal heavyweights, Beyond Salvation, are currently preparing for the release of their latest offering, A Line In The Sand. The EP is the eighth release of the band’s seven year career. It will be self-released on the 10th May 2024. Keep reading below to find out more.

The production of A Line In The Sand was a labour of love, guitarist Arun Kamath says “ultimately we have a defined sound and vision of what we want Beyond Salvation to be.” with drums recorded at Noiseboy Studios in Salford and vocals recorded at Silver Lining Studios in Denton. The band wanted to take their time to record the guitars, bass, and additional layers at home, Jon Pedley (vocals/guitar) comments “Thankfully, we have the tools and skills to record from home. This EP really has been quite DIY in its creation, and we’ve poured our heart and soul into making the best EP we can.

Beyond Salvation have been carving their path in the metal scene with passion and pride. Their music, characterised by thrash with strong influences of groove and death metal, sets them apart from the crowd and shows the versatility of the bands music. A Line In The Sand encapsulates the band’s ethos of leaving the past behind and moving towards a brighter future. With themes revolving around shedding negative aspects of life and embracing change, each track on the EP delivers powerful messages regarding crumbling empires, negativity, embracing change and the journey towards self-growth.

The EP’s artwork, conceptualised by front man Jon Pedley, features striking imagery that ties into the themes of each song. From the grim reaper as a corrupt king to a burning world beneath a line drawn in the sand, the artwork sets the tone for the EP’s powerful narrative.

A Line In The Sand tracklisting:
01 Ghost Machine
02 No Way Out
03 Dead 2 Me

Beyond Salvation extends their gratitude to everyone involved in the making of A Line In The Sand, including sound engineer Chris Taylor, mastering engineer Lee Calpee and music video director Forshaw Media.

You can catch Beyond Salvation live at upcoming gigs:
April 27 – Dogtallica at The Old Cold Store in Nottingham
June 01 – Rebellion in Manchester
September 14 – Aatma, Manchester
November 16 – Rebellion, Manchester.

Band Members:
Jon Pedley – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Arun Kamath – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Luke Entwistle – Bass, Backing Vocals
Owen Ashworth – Drums