Exclusive Song Stream: Prophets of Saturn- Witch Rider

Prophets of Saturn album cover high res HVSK-1208 copy

Ghost Cult is pleased to present an exclusive stream of a new track from Prophets of Saturn, ‘Witch Rider’. The song comes from their forthcoming album Retronauts (HeviSike Records), releasing on July 17th, and can be heard at this link or below via Soundcloud.


Indicative of their style, ‘Witch Rider’ is a tripped-out, fuzz-laden jamfest where riffs rule, grooves slink and sway, and copious amounts of blotter tabs and shrooms might help you understand the lyrics. Fans of bands like Cream, Pentagram, St. Vitus, Red Fang, and Monster Magnet will dig Prophets of Saturn, big time.



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