Ascension of the Watchers (Fear Factory) to Release a New Album This Fall

Atmospheric synth-driven Gothic metal band Ascension of the Watchers, featuring Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell, will release their second full-length album Apocrypha globally on October 9, via Dissonance Productions. The recording will be available on cd, two limited vinyl formats, and through all major digital outlets. Formed in 2002 in rural Pennsylvania with a friend and musical confidant John Bechdel, the band created their 2004 debut, Ascension of The Watchers independently released – Iconoclast, printed only on cd and vinyl to a limited number.Now in 2020, renowned UK solo artist Jayce Lewis and Burton brought in the essential camaraderie, talents and studio that perfectly suited the recording of Apocrypha.

Bell commented: 

“These are the sounds that resonate through my mind…

These are the words that I speak in my dreams…

These are the visions I experience, throughout my unconsciousness…”                                               

Northstone Studios, based in the countryside of South Wales, connected to the 250-year-old Court Colman Manor, the studio built by Lewis’ own hands using the ancient stones of the monastery that once stood there, the rustic detail proved a perfect setting for AoTW’s very own Jayce Lewis to record, produce and mix the Apocrypha album. A recording process that literally stirred the souls that remain within the stone walls of Lewis’ Northstone Studios. During the vocal recordings of the title track, a recording was inadvertently captured from the aether; an eerie, unrecognizable and untranslatable, syllabic phrase whispered within the vocal booth. The event is now the intro to the title track, Apocrypha.


In truth, the making of Apocrypha has been a decade long journey of writing and recording, from California, Pennsylvania, New York and Wales. In 2018 the band decided to utilize the crowdfunding platform PledgeMusic to jumpstart the project. After a very successful campaign, raising 124% of their goal, PledgeMusic went into administration, eventually declaring bankruptcy! and in turn, would never release any of the funds dedicated to Ascension of the Watchers. Nevertheless, Ascension of the Watchers persevered to complete the album.


After ten years of writing and recording, along with reflection on the very personal nature of this project, Ascension of The Watchers will renew its journey in 2020!  With the culmination of the long-awaited release – Apocrypha.  With plans of conceptualized touring, Ascension of the Watchers continues to grow as Bell’s main creative endeavor, well into the future.


Burton C. Bell  – Vocals & Guitar

John Bechdel  – Keyboards

Jayce Lewis  – Drums, Backing Vocals & Programming


“From them I heard all things, and understood what I saw, that which will not take place in this generation, but in a generation which is to succeed at a distant period, on account of the elect.”


“All shall be afraid, and the Watchers be terrified.” –The Book of Enoch


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Vinyl version released via Back On Black Records (Black and Clear double LP)