Alice In Chains Classic Album “Dirt” Turns 30 – Remastered Album Out Now

Rock and Metal kings Alice In Chains are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of their epic album Dirt (Columbia)! The album definitely catapulted the band to all-time great status, charted several singles, had videos that dominated regular rotation on MTV, when they played videos and had Headbangers Ball, and led to major tours all over the world. The impact of the music was huge, and it was to be the last album made with bassist Mike Starr (RIP), who was dismissed from the band soon after.

The anniversary has spawned a new remaster of the album which is out today, vinyl pressing of the album, a boxed set, a Funko POP! set, numerous covers, and more. For the 25th anniversary in 2017 we wrote a lengthy retrospective of the album, which we are sharing again today. Read that and enjoy some other fine AIC content as well.

CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Alice In Chains’ Masterpiece “Dirt” Turns 25

Listen to the updated album: