ALBUM REVIEW: Three Days Grace – Explosions

Explosions (Music For Nations), the new cut from Canadian alternative rock heroes Three Days Grace is quite the banger.

The band are always ready to deliver the goods, and this new album, their seventh since 2003’s self-titled debut, does not disappoint. Full of hooks and potential singles, the band is back to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable and playable album. 

There is a definite flow from beginning to end making it feel like one big piece – I always enjoy whole albums and love to put on a cut and just let it play from beginning to end. 

This new offering does not disappoint in that respect and I can already see spots where people will be singing along right along with the verses and choruses. The music is vintage 3DG – powerful and ready to rock right from the get go. 

The music itself is also very well put together. I love the tone of the guitars and the synth sections fit in perfectly making for a nice package tonality wise. 

Overall, I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable album. I am always glad to see when acts can prove they have what it takes to keep it going over the long haul, and Three Days Grace have definitely proven themselves once again.


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8 / 10






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