ALBUM REVIEW: Saint Agnes – Bloodsuckers


Saint Agnes, from the UK, spark the fires of aggression with Alt. Nu-groove album Bloodsuckers (Spinefarm Records). The band fits within the label’s ranks with ease alongside acts that have their own vision,but crossover appeal such as Sleep Token, Atreyu, and Killing Joke. Add in a Mimi Barks cameo (the short and ferocious ‘Body Bag’) and a Sean Bevan production boost on the semi-glossy ‘Follow You’ and this record has the potential to be a Summer ’23 pit starter. 


At their best, the band tap into the experimental and poetic sides of NIN, Korn‘s Untouchables, or OTEP. On their more risk-taking and punkier-edged songs, like the very strong closer ‘Forever and Ever’ or the genuine best cut ‘I Am’ really play to the band’s unique qualities and character – the former especially has some dope creepy vibes, a confident vocal and a dramatic pre-chorus chant for vampires everywhere of “We never see the sunrise, but I don’t mind.”


On the other side of the coin, some of the rage on ‘Animals’ or ‘Middle Finger’

feels a touch too ready for pro wrestling and a bit too ‘Bodies’-era Drowning Pool ham-fisted. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with “hype” songs or helping a crowd vent frustration into fun, the problem is there are so many bands that have done that already that the bar is set really high, and unless you are operating at Skindred or Manhole levels of high energy and holler, it feels “safe”. 



That said, there is so much potential here! This paradox is exemplified in the quality control difference between the ‘I’ve got no more fucks to give” intro contrasted with the genuinely rad and, stellar hook of ‘I Mean Nothing To You’. 


The band have a particular edge when they lean into the UK sass and less into Americanized “nu” homogeneity. ‘Outsider’ has a huge surge of power that courses through it and elsewhere the band glimpse at Prodigy-esque high octane that needs refining or encouraging. The title track charges in like an Amen/NIN hybrid, but the guitars lean into ‘Wish’ a little too much.


Kitty A. Austen seems like she is an enthusiastic front person and could really get a crowd going, and Saint Agnes’ pros are way stronger than their cons, and a song like ‘Follow You’ rips sees Kitty displaying earnest vibe without tipping the apple cart. 


It will be cool to see them refine what they do as more people believe in them and follow. 


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7 / 10