ALBUM REVIEW: Dethklok – Dethalbum IV


It’s going to be a big year for Dethklok with their new album, movie, and co-headling tour with Babymetal. It’s been over 10 years since we’ve heard anything from Nathan Explosion and the gang and the fact they are back deserves celebration.


When we last saw them, The Doomstar Requiem ended on a cliffhanger. While Adult Swim may have shelved the series for a while, the fans clearly wanted more. Finally after years of setbacks and fan petitions, Metalocalypse creator Brendan Small was able to bring back everyone’s favorite animated band.


What has always made Metalocalypse so endearing to fans of extreme music aside from the humorous stories, brutal violence, and numerous Metal-themed Easter eggs is the music itself. Put bluntly, the music has no business being as good as it is. For a fifteen-minute cartoon, Brendan Small creates some killer tunes.



When Metalocalypse was canceled I was more bummed that I would not hear any more new music from the band. Dethklok I-III are still played in heavy rotation in my home or car. To say I was excited that the band was back is an understatement.


The only question is; would it be as good, or would the break soften the band?


And to the latter, I cry out “Hell no!”


On Dethlbum IV (WaterTower Music) Dethklok are back heavier and angrier than ever. From the opening track “Gardener of Vengeance”, they instantly take you back into the realm of the fictional band. Goofy lyrics and vicious guitars are what Dethklok does best and this song delivers in spades. “Aortic Desecration” brings the brutal and “Bloodbath” is a savage banger that will have you screaming along and will live deep in your skull long after the last note is played.


Small is on the top of his game here, and there are no throwaway tracks – each song is expertly crafted and stands on its own. The album is full of killer melodies and stomping riffs mixed with incredible technical moments sprinkled throughout. Small’s voice is even more than before and, as someone who listens to more Death Metal than he cares to admit, Small easily ranks up there with the greats.


What stands apart from past albums here is the absolute heaviness. Perhaps Dethklok is angry for being gone for so long. Songs like “Deadface” and “I am the Beast” are absolute beatdowns. For longtime fans, “Murmaider III,” is the perfect ending to the album. (hopefully not the ending of the band.)


Make sure to check out the band on the Babyklok tour if they come anywhere near your town. If they perform half as good as they are on the album, you’re in for a helluva treat.

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9 / 10