Toxic Grind Machine – Embryonic Emission

Toxic Grind Machine - Embryonic Emission CoverToxic Grind Machine, from Holland, are an industrial metal band who have still to make it big in the wider metal community. Very little about them can be found online, but after listening to Embryonic Emission I have found myself wondering if this could be about to change…

Their sound is firmly rooted in the industrial camp, with a hint of electronic added in for good measure and at times sounds almost reminiscent of Strapping Young Lad. There’s a great diversity across the eight tracks, both vocally and instrumentally which should appeal to a wide audience of metal fans. Opening track, ‘Burn Bright’, ‘Wry Jackal’, perfectly showcases vocalist Trevor Mark’s ability to scream but also show a more melodic, clean side to his voice. This contrast of vocal style is a regular feature across several of the tracks.

What is very clear about this band is the range of talent they display and the wide range of influences they draw their inspiration from. Instrumental track, ‘Enther’, is very Nordic sounding, atmospheric and would not be out of place on a blockbuster music score whereas ‘Morphia’ is so fast-paced it just makes you want to run around punching things.

Top tracks for me include ‘Amphetamines In Ghost City’, a track mixed with aggressive drum beats, electro vocal harmonies and angry verses, and ‘Cell 600’, a song that races along at a thunderous pace before crashing everything to a near halt in the midsection and then brings it right back up again to finish.


Chantelle Marie

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