EP REVIEW: Panzerchrist – All Witches Shall Burn

Signed under Emanzipation Productions, the Aarhus-based Danish extreme metal warlords Panzerchrist –who have been around for about thirty years– are back on releasing a new four-track EP, All Witches Shall Burn, which was recorded in the same session of their 2023 album Last of a Kind. The recording process was done in Antfarm Studios with a production process involving Tue Madsen who has previously worked with many big names in the extreme metal scene such as Behemoth, At The Gates, and Aborted.
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ALBUM REVIEW: Vansind – Mørket


While Scandinavia is famed for its abundance of folk and Viking metal, most of these acts tend to hail from Norway and Sweden rather than Denmark. Even noisy Nordic neighbours Finland seem to produce more acts from the genre; Iceland also giving the Danes a run for their money. 

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Panzerchrist – The 7th Offensive

panzerchrist7thDenmark is usually known for its neutral stance when it comes to matters of warfare, however this Danish quartet have declared a brutal sonic assault on anyone brave enough to take them on. Returning with their seventh studio album, aptly named the album The 7th Offensive. They could perhaps they could be accused of being a little tacky, with song titles like ‘In the Name Of Massacration’ and ‘Napalm Alarm’ it really is hard to take this band at their word, but the music really speaks for itself with this album.Continue reading