CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Faith No More – “King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime” Turns 25

What if there’s no more fun to have?” This seems to be a common sentiment among many when looking at the state of the world these days. Here at Ghost Cult, we’re hoping to bring a little joy, perhaps, dare I say, a will to live? If you’re anything like me, music is as essential to you as the air that you breathe, the blood in your veins, or Matt Pike’s lack of a shirt.Continue reading

Book About The Late Chuck Mosley (Faith No More, Primitive Race) Out Now

Just released, Reintroducing Chuck Mosley: Life On and Off the Road is a book by bandmate, friend, tour and confident Douglas Esper. Available from ScoutMedia now, the book promised a look inside the life of the talented and enigmatic frontman Chuck Mosley who’s thirty-five plus years in music began on Hollywood, saw him shoot to fame with Faith No More on their first few releases, but a turbulent end led to his passing on November 19th 2017, at just age 57. Continue reading

Faith No More’s “The Real Thing” Turns 30


Faith No More’s smash hit album The Real Thing (Slash/Reprise) turns thirsty years old today and it still holds up not only as the album that catapulted the weirdo art-punks cum alternative metal band into the mainstream, the majority of it still holds up as a classic. All of the bands’ earlier formative material on the We Care A lot EP and the Introduce Yourself album definitely had threads passed down to its cute, feisty little brother of an album, but in many ways, much of the creative energy and reckless abandon of future releases surely was foretold here. Continue reading