NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: New Rock and Metal Releases 11-3-23


What new albums are you excited for this week!? 

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PREVIEW: New Music Friday – New Rock and Metal Releases 11-3-23


What new albums are you excited for this week!? 

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Angra Share Single and Video for “Gods Of The World” – New Album Incoming

Only a few weeks from releasing their brand new album, Cycles Of Pain, Angra have unleashed its third digital single, “Gods Of The World.” With the longplayer due out November 3, 2023 through Atomic Fire Records, they have also been building up their live schedule. See current dates and the new video below.

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A New Documentary Pays Tribute to Andre Matos (Angra) One Year After His Death


A new documentary pays tribute to Andre Matos and reveals both his artistry and his life away from the stage. Matos, founder of the bands’ Viper, Angra, Shaman, and Symfonia, owner of a huge musical legacy. Matos passed away tragically young on June 8th, 2019 at just 47 years old. To comfort the hearts of all the fans and friends of the unforgettable musician, especially in the Brazilian metal scene, Regis Tadeu and Paulo Baron has now released a three-episode documentary about him, a new and very special material, which is already available on YouTube. Episode one is live now and more episodes will be released soon. 

Testimonials come from a who’s who names such as Alberto Rionda, Alírio Netto, Andre “Zaza” Hernandes, Drico Mello, Eloy Casagrande, Fabio Lione, Felipe Machado, Guilherme Canaes, Ivan Busic, Kiko Loureiro, Luis Mariutti, Patrick Nicholas Korb, Paulo Baron, Penélope Nova, Marcello Pompeu, Rafael Bittencourt, Regis Tadeu, Rogerio Rossato, Roy Z, Timo Tolkki and Yves Passarell. Everyone on the list was curated, they are friends who really knew Andre Matos in detail.

For example, MTV presenter and ex-vj Penélope Nova was Andre’s girlfriend for a season. Guilherme Canaes was a sound engineer and one of the musician’s best friends during his time in the big bands and also during his solo career. Patrick Nicholas Korb is the videographer who recorded many moments of Andre Matos, and is also responsible for recording an old video with the testimony: “if I had to leave this world soon I would be happy”, widely broadcast on the internet on the time of the singer’s death.

Among the testimonies, it is also possible to know more details told by Paulo Baron and Kiko Loureiro about the possibility of Andre’s return with the band Angra for a very special and commemorative tour. The idea was already being worked out among the musicians, but that, unfortunately, did not happen. Interestingly, Baron had an appointment to meet Andre the same day he died.

“I prepared this documentary to show the more human side of my unforgettable friend Andre Matos, because the icon as a musician we all know that he was the best. We must show that in his most intimate side he was also the best”, comments Baron , who is also responsible for curating and pre-producing the videos.


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André Matos, Former Lead Singer of Angra and Viper, Dead at Age 47

André Matos, the former lead singer of the Brazilian metal bands Angra and Viper, has died unexpectedly at the age of 47. His death was confirmed by ex-Angra drummer Ricardo Confessori, who wrote on his Facebook page: “It is with deep pain in our hearts that we say goodbye to André once again, this time definitively.” André performed last Sunday (June 2) at the Espaço das Américas in São Paulo with Shaman and also made a guest appearance with the show’s headliners, Avantasia. Tobias Sammet wrote on his Facebook page: “I am devastated by the tragic news about the passing of my friend André Matos whom I shared the stage with only five days ago. I am in shock. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Rest in peace, André Matos.” We send our deepest sympathies for Matos’ family, friends, and fans at this time.Continue reading

Audio: Megadeth Streaming Title Track From Dystopia Album


Megadeth is streaming the title track from their up coming album Dystopia, which releases on January 22nd from Universal/Tradecraft. You can hear the track at this link or below:

Produced by frontman Dave Mustaine, Dystopia was recording in 2015 Nashville, Tennessee and mixed by Josh Wilbur (Lamb Of God, All That Remains, Gojira).

Regarding the concept of Dystopia, Mustaine commented:

“I’ve had this outlook for a long time that the world is a really good place with some bad people in it. Others might think the opposite. But I think if you were to take a consensus of people, they know the difference between right and wrong.”

“People have manners and morals — but lately there’s been a decline in how people treat one another. That’s where ‘Dystopia’ comes in. If people don’t start loving each other and helping those in need, then when that becomes more important than power, fame or money, then I think we’re going to be okay.”



Dystopia marks the debut of Megadeth’s new lineup, featuring Mustaine (guitar, vocals) and David Ellefson (bass), with drummer Chris Adler (Lamb Of God) and Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro (Angra).

Dystopia track listing:

01. The Threat Is Real
02. Dystopia
03. Fatal Illusion
04. Death From Within
05. Bullet To The Brain
06. Post American World
07. Poisonous Shadows
08. Look Who’s Talking (iTunes bonus track)
09. Conquer Or Die
10. Lying In State
11. The Emperor
12. Last Dying Wish (iTunes bonus track)
13. Foreign Policy (FEAR cover)

Bonus Track: Melt The Ice Away (Budgie cover).


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Megadeth Teases New Music, Announcement This Friday

megadeth screencap

Megadeth is planning to release their new album this fall has teased an announcement of new music on their website You can see a countdown clock ending this Friday and hear a snippet of music from the the band, their first with new members Chris Adler (Lamb Of God) and Kiko Loureiro (Angra). The band is planning to release a new single on October 16th entitled ‘Fatal Illusion’. Follow the band on Facebook for gradual reveals via the music teaser. 



Country Artist Steve Wariner Plays On New Megadeth Album


Famed modern country artist Steve Wariner has recorded a part for the upcoming new Megadeth album, due out later this year. Wariner known for his guitar talents, performed pedal-steel parts for new song.




Wariner commented on the recording

Worlds collide. It’s funny. Imagine Megadeth with steel guitar. That’s what I did, and Dave Mustaine is the nicest guy in the world. Isn’t that crazy? It’s out of my world. You know me, I’m a traditional country guy. But the stuff I played on is awesome.”



The band has issuing updates for their Pledge Music campaign for their new album. You can support the campaign and see exclusive content and buy exclusive merch and reward for supporting the album here.

Full details of the Megadeth album have yet to be released. As previously reported the recording lineup for Megadeth now includes Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler and Angra guitarist Kiko Louriero, joining founders Dave Mustaine and David “Junior” Ellefson.

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Civil War – Gods and Generals


It has been three very quick years since one of, if not the biggest, power metal acts Sabaton released their crowning glory Carolus Rex (Nuclear Blast), a bastion of bombastic brilliance, and one of the best Euro Metal albums. However, guitarist Rikard Sundén, drummer Daniel Mullback and keyboardist Daniel Mÿhr departed shortly after its release to establish Civil War with Astral Doors’ vocalist Nils Patrik Johansson.

Power Metal is an odd genre. Everyone is a strong, clean technician and there are so many competent acts, though it is very hard to be exceptional and damn near impossible to be distinctive or unique. Sabaton achieved that latter feat, and not just through having a characteristic vocalist in Joakim Brodén. Considering their contributions, the trio of ex-‘ton’s have done well to try and strike out and find their own voice again and while there are moments, such as ‘USS Monitor’ where you can imagine Brodén’s voice enhancing the chorus (Johansson, with a higher pitched Kai Hansen meets Biff Byford reedy voice, doesn’t have half the charisma of the Sabaton man), in the main they have managed to clear enough space to pitch their own towel on the crowded beach of Power Metal.

So, half the battle won, and Gods and Generals (Napalm) begins well enough with a rapid fire pairing of ‘War of the World’ and ‘Bay of Pigs’. However, things quickly go downhill, with the duo of ‘Braveheart’ and ‘The Mad Piper’, which it has to be said are simply fucking naff and frankly embarrassing; keyboard led, nursery rhyme melodies, (not to mention the dog-shit bagpiping) and lyrics that can’t have taken more than five minutes to write. Fortunately things do pick up and by the time the more epic ‘Schindler’s Ark’ comes around, a track with a vocal nod to legendary David Coverdale, and a musical tip to Angra, the early missteps are nearly forgotten, if not forgiven.

But, as I said, it’s easy to be a decent power metal band, but it’s hard to standout; one, because these are narrow lines we’re trapped between, and two, because the very best prove how big the gulf in class is. Civil War has a heritage to hook people in, but they need to improve the music to get them to keep coming back.



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