Shepherds Reign Share Their New Single and Video “Ala Mai”

Polynesian metal band, Shepherds Reign, have just shared their latest single and video, “Ala Mai,” via Golden Robot Records. The song is the title track of their most recent album, which came out last August, and translates to “Awaken” in Samoan. Keep reading below to catch the brand new video and more from Shepherds Reign.

Stream “Ala Mai” here:

Ala Mai is our call to the forefathers for strength and guidance. It’s a reminder that we are part of something bigger, a Polynesian legacy that spans across oceans and nations. We face many difficulties today, but with the help of our ancestors, we believe we can bring peace and share our stories with the world.” says the band.

With this evocative track, the band calls upon the strength and wisdom of their forefathers, uniting not just Samoans but the entire Polynesian community as they journey across the globe, leaving their indelible mark. “Ala Mai” is a stirring anthem that transcends cultural boundaries and speaks to the universal struggle for recognition and peace. The song captures the band’s mission to overcome obstacles and ensure that the voices and stories of their ancestors are heard and respected worldwide. In a time marked by global challenges and changes, Shepherds Reign offers a message of hope and resilience.

Shepherds Reign has consistently captivated audiences with their unique fusion of heavy metal and Polynesian culture. Their powerful performances and authentic storytelling have earned them a dedicated following around the world. With the release of “Ala Mai,” the band continues to break new ground and inspire fans with their unwavering message of unity and resilience.