Royal Thunder Releases Their New Plans Single

Royal Thunder will be releasing their highly anticipated new album, Wick, on April 7th via Spinefarm Records, and one of my favorite tracks is now streaming online. The band has teamed up with Noisey to premiere their new ‘Plans’ single, and it will simply take your breath away. Mlny Parsonz‘s voice is well known as one of the best in music, and this song showcases her raw, yet soulful power like we’ve never heard before.

Mlny said this about the track: “This is a song about taking chances. You can sit on your plans or pursue them. Sometimes, the outcome is not always that which we desire. And sometimes life surprises you and places another stepping stone on your path, hopefully leading to happiness. Either way, even in the pain of loss, there is something to gain. It’s in choosing to find the good in all things that we walk away with our chin a little higher. This song, for me, was me processing my loss. At the end, the lyrics, ‘Come back’ will forever echo in my head for that loss. Some things never die. But you still have to live.

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