LIVESTREAM REVIEW: Anthrax – 40th Anniversary Streaming Event

Okay, so watching streamed performances over the internet isn’t the best way to enjoy live shows. That’s a given. Every one of us would rather be in the middle of a sweaty moshpit, getting drunk with friends while being accidentally kicked in the head by overenthusiastic crowd surfers. Yes you would. Don’t lie.

Still, bands have to make the best of the current situation and New York’s Anthrax have pulled out the stops to produce one of the best in-your-face performances of the Covid era. One of those acts that simply don’t understand the concept of putting on a bad show, the band plough through over two hours worth of material, the performance only occasionally interrupted by messages of good will from the likes of Mike Patton, Chris Jericho, Tom Morello, Rob Zombie, DMC, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Iron Maiden‘s manager Rod Smallwood, Hollywood stars Jason Momoa and Keanu Reeves and many more.


Under full stage lighting and filmed with multiple cameras, the band are totally focused on delivering the best show possible while still retaining a fun rehearsal room vibe. Vocalist Joey Belladonna plays up to the camera every chance he gets while Jon Donais and legendary goateed founder member Scott Ian bring the riffs while Frank Bello and Charlie Benante remain arguably the most formidable engine room in thrash metal.

A twenty-five song set littered with absolute classics, you simply cannot argue with the likes of ‘Madhouse, ‘Caught in a Mosh’, ‘Medusa’, ‘Indians’, ‘Metal Thrashing Mad’, ‘Among the Living’, Got the Time’, ‘Antisocial’, ‘A Skeleton in the Closet’, ‘A.I.R.’, ‘ and of course ‘I Am The Law’. More recent cuts such as ‘Fight ’em Til You Can’t’, ‘The Devil You Know’ (preceded with artwork depicting the late Ronnie James Dio, Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell), ‘Evil Twin’ and ‘Blood Eagle Wings’ sound incredible as do lesser played cuts like ‘Keep It in the Family’ (getting an airing for the first time since 2006), ‘Lone justice’ and ‘Aftershock’. ‘Be All, End All’ and the David Lynch nightmare of ‘Now It’s Dark’ sound as good now as they did in 1988 but it’s with ‘Bring the Noise’ featuring a guest appearance by Chuck D of Public Enemy where the band tear the virtual fucking roof off. 

Considering the show is billed as a 40th Anniversary of the band, the only downside is the distinct absence of John Bush-era material. However, with Joey having made it clear in the past that he prefers to steer clear of those songs, it might be a little disappointing but hardly a big surprise. 

On top of the main two hour show, the band have also added a forty-five minute bonus section which includes an encore of ‘Breathing Lightning’, Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.) and a cover of ‘Protest and Survive’ by Discharge as well as a ton of video diary and rehearsal footage plus more talking heads.  

Available to stream until the 25th of July, this is a fantastic package with first rate sound and picture quality ensuring a positive result for Anthrax rather than Covid.

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