GUEST POST: The Last Martyr’s Top Five Albums of 2019

Australian Metalcore band The Last Martyr has a big 2019 and are looking forward to an even bigger year in 2020. The band released their debut EP Creatrix back in the spring, and brand new standalone single, ‘Like A Ghost’ just recently. They will have another new EP out next spring too! In the meantime here are the bands’ picks for their top five albums of 2019!

1. Bring Me the Horizonamo

Simply put, we don’t think Bring Me the Horizon have ever put out an album we didn’t like! Amo has so many bangers, here’s a vid of the guys chatting about each track (we love these types of videos).


2. ToolFear Inoculum

A lot of us are huge Tool fans so you can imagine our excitement when they came out with their 5th album after more than a decade! All but one of the tracks are over 10 minutes but if you’re into that kind of thing, it’s probably a good road-tripping album.


3. Jinjer Macro

The world is going crazy over Jinjer right now and so are we! We’ve been big fans for a while but this album really seems to have cemented their place in the heavy music scene. They’re coming to Australia in March 2020, very excited!


4. Bare BonesRival Minds

This is the second album from the Aussie rockers! This album combines the best of punk, hardcore, metal and old fashioned rock n’ roll into one awesome smoothie bowl. We’re also playing a show with them this weekend (7th December) in Melbourne – can’t wait!


5. Northlane Alien

What an album. If you haven’t heard of Northlane yet honestly, what are you doing with your life! Another band from Australia, this album is more than a proggy/djenty masterpiece, it really has a very fresh sound to it and if you want to be swept away, possibly into another sonic universe, you need to listen to Alien.