EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Testarossa – “Rock N Roll”


Charlotte, North Carolina Rockers Testarossa have unleashed a can of whoop-ass that is their new single ‘Rock N Roll’! The track is simple but has all the elements of a classic sound that calls back to the retro bands of the late 1970s. The band brings and old-school vibe to their music, and good time feels that comes through in their new video for ‘Rock N Roll’, which you can see exclusively at Ghost Cult!


The band has commented:

In the age of autotuned vocals, poorly written songs, and detuned guitars, one band emerges from the ashes. With nothing to prove and no one to impress, they set out on a collision course with destiny (not the go-go dancer). Full of piss and vinegar, but not enough sense to pour it out of their boots, they released quite possibly the best debut single ever – Mother Lover feat. Danny Worsnop. The opportunities would continue to come their way. The haters and doubters multiplied. The crowd sizes increased proportionally to their egos. With the world held captivated, in awe of their amazing sense of melody and avant-garde style, they decided to give the masses what they really wanted. All the skill in the world, the looks, the bodies, the lackluster personalities, and inflated senses of self-worth were combined to make the best product any band could dream of producing. Now that band – Testarossa – is ready to share the joys of musical perfection. Executed flawlessly with unparalleled panache, Testarossa presents their newest chart-topping single “Rock-N-Roll.” Rock-N-Roll is back and you have no one else to thank except Testarossa. You are welcome. It’ll change your life.

Download / Stream: https://ffm.to/_rocknroll

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