EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Datura4 – “Going Back To Hoonsville”

Psychedelic Rock masters Datura4 returns this summer with a new album, Neanderthal Jam, releasing August 12th, 2022 via Alive Naturalsound Records. The Western Australian natives always mind their trad rock and blues roots with a modern heft and sensibility when it comes to stone grooves and spaced licks. Check out the trippy video for their new single – “Going Back To Hoonsville” now!


Frontman Dom Mariani comments: .

“We are literally ‘Going back to ‘Hoonsville.’

On our first album ‘Demon Blues’ there was an instrumental rave-up titled ‘Hoonsville.’ Named after a fictitious place, that could apply to any city or suburb in the world where Hooning is still alive and well. Where Revheads, congregate to race and burn rubber on suburban streets.

Coming into the upcoming Datura4 record, I’d been listening to some old rockabilly records, and I started fooling around with the main riff and the imagery was instant, the lyrics/lingo flowed out naturally for me. The song is basically about going back to that imaginary place (‘Hoonsville’) and experiencing the thrill of racing and doing burnouts in your car.

The dirty guitar tone and feedback creates a cool sonic chaos in the song. I felt like Link Wray was looking down from above when I was recording it.

For the video we enlisted the same team of Jon Tarry and Sam Tout who worked on ‘West Coast Highway Cosmic’ in 2020. The graphic style really works great for the tune.”


Datura4 is:

Dom Mariani – Guitar and vocals

Warren Hall – Drums

Stu Loasby – Bass

Bob Patient – Keyboards

Joe Grech – Guitar and vocals


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