EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: 7Descent Shares New Single – “Beverly”

Inventive Tennessee Hard Rock band 7Descent have shared a new single, “Beverly” here at Ghost Cult today! Like many before them, the band cut their teeth on rock and Metal classics, but they have a talent the stretches well beyond the riffs and beats of the average band. You can hear “Beverly” – their emotional, uptempo jam gives way to powerful vocals and defiant lyrics about a love worth giving up on, here at Ghost Cult!

The band comments: “This song represents our record as a whole because of its themes. Beverly is filled with themes of love and the loss of it, holding on to warm memories and accepting your world for as it is. This album largely feels like a coming of age concept where some pretty interesting things are explored.”

7Descent is Vocalist Ishmael Herring (Milo), Ed Taylor on guitar, Brian Coffey on bass, and Andrew Crimmins (A.J.) on drums.


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