EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Of The Sun Shares a New Single – “Riot Act”

Of The Sun is the Progressive Death Metal project from the mind of Patrick Duvall! Fleshed out from an assortment of metal luminaries and killer players, the group’s aim is to set heavy music on its ear and rotate its axis. Ghost Cult is sharing the new single today “Riot Act” – featuring the bass work of Jacob Umansky from Intervals, drums by Bryce Butler, drummer from Shadow Of Intent. This is the third single preceding the four-song EP, Pattern Rebirth, and will be released on all digital streaming platforms today, July 5, 2023. Jam it out now!


Of The Sun comments:


“Riot Act as a song, is a statement that we see power is completely out of balance, and is concentrated through the same forces which hold a monopoly on “acceptable” violence. It’s title is a contemplation. We know what a riot is. It’s pretty unambiguous. But the word “act” can hold different meanings in combination, even redefining what a riot is depending on your angle. The actual Riot Act is also something to know about. And, like most of my other songs, I wanted the sound to unfold in chapters, so the energy has a focus while being frantic and all over the place.”


About Of The Sun:

Beginning in Myrtle Beach, SC, before moving to Austin, TX, and landing in southern Germany, the metal outfit, Of The Sun, has traveled a long, winding path, and continues to build on its approach to song writing through structural variation and stylistic revisions. Influenced by bands like BTBAM, Opeth, Soundgarden, and Mr Bungle, Of The Sun draws from a diverse vocabulary of musical language and boils it down into the particular visions of chief creator, Patrick Duvall. Recruiting from overseas, Drummers Bryce Butler (Shadow Of Intent, The Faceless, Contrarian) And Rom Gov (Seek Irony, Tibetan Sky Ritual), Along With Bassist Jacob Umansky (Intervals, The Faceless, Painted In Exile) Have Joined Ranks For Pattern Rebirth.


Of The Sun is:

Patrick Duvall


“Riot Act” Credits:

Bass – Jacob Umansky (Intervals, The Faceless, Painted In Exile)

Drums – Bryce Butler (Shadow Of Intent, The Faceless, Contrarian)

Producer – Sebastian Cure