EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Joey Diabolic – “A Nightmare On Elm Street”

Just in time for Halloween, Joey Diabolic is releasing a twelve-part singles series over covers inspired by the 1980s horror movie classic “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. A mix of clever originals and choice covers, Joey is showing his affinity for horror, metal, and his ingenuity as an artist when others waylaid by the pandemic are resting on their laurels. Next in the series:“A Nightmare On Elm Street” (featuring haunting vocals by D. Lolli of MaMa Doom), the track was originally composed by Charles Bernstein as the “Prologue” to the first film, it has easily become one of the most iconic and chilling pieces of film music ever composed. Check out Joey’s cover now!

Joey comments:

I’m super excited to finally work on this project… been wanting to do this for years, but the time wasn’t right. Some initial concepts felt forced or fell short thematically.

Doing the one-off tracks “Friday The 13th (Nintendo Theme)” and “Halloween: The Desire of Michael Myers” (as Martyr Art) worked ‘cause I was able to convey a complete horror experience within a single track. Since Freddy Krueger has experience the most character development over his film saga, I had to reflect the full evolution of his bastardized life, death and sinister resurrection.

1-2 songs will be released each week.., some originals, some covers. While being influenced by his dominion of horror, my release has a slight deviation to the original overarching storyline of Freddy Krueger … so in that regard, there’s also an element of fan-fiction throughout this series.


Below is the complete release schedule.

Episode 01. Son of a 100 Maniacs

Episode 02. Potters Field [@Anthrax cover]

Episode 03. Plowed [Sponge cover]

Episode 04. I Am The Shadow in Darkness*

Episode 05. Save Yourself [Stabbing Westward cover]

Episode 06. Creature of the Wheel [White Zombie cover]

Episode 07. A Nightmare On Elm Street [Charles Bernstein cover]

Episode 08. Night Crawler [Judas Priest cover]

Episode 09. Nightmare (feat. MaMa Doom) [Tuesday Knight cover]

Episode 10. Surreal Love*

Episode 11. Flesh For Fantasy [Billy Idol cover]

Episode 12. As Darkness Embraces Light*


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