EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Fearsore – “Wetworks”

Chicago solo- industrial metal entity Fearsore will drop its new album this Friday, via Dead Sage on October 30th. The limited CD version of the record features a cover of Project Pitchfork’s “Alpha Omega.” The long-running creative project of Wiley Wells, he uses his art to challenge norms and confront greater issues facing humanity, destined to eat itself from the inside..Although rooted in the city’s rich legacy of scene bands, musically Fearsore owes as much to 80s avant-garde harsh noise proto-genre bands, bleak futurist sonics, and standing shoulder to shoulder with modernist peers too. Jam out to all of Wetworks right now!


“Wetworks is the assassination of the ever-prevailing state of human nature and it’s deception unto itself whether in ignorance, or self-denial. A notion which rips at the restraints of stifling ideals and delusions of normalcy. Each journey is a further descent into dissenting reflection, an uncomfortable questioning. FEARSORE has always celebrated its inner alienation from society, and now as we are all alienated from society, secluded in mental cages by our attachment to what was – Wetworks is the soundtrack to celebrate the failures we’ve been force-fed.”


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Created between Horse-Drawn Studios and Deadworld Studios, Wetworks sees Fearsore creator Wiley Wells handling engineering, sound design, programming, field recordings, manipulation, guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals. John E. Bomher Jr. (Theyrgy, Yakuza) shared co-mixing and co-production duties, and additional guitars were provided by Jim Bresnahan (Cianide, Contagion) on “Dissent 2020” and Joe Starita on “Incubation.”

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