UPDATED: Daughters Launches a Patreon

Daughters has created a crowdfunding campaign with Patreon to better engage with their die-hard fans and help sustain the band in these uncertain times. CORRECTION: The band also leaked out they will be releasing a new single this week, Vocalist Alexis Marshall will release a solo single this week, via their label Sargent House. Read a message below from the band and sign up at the link below.

For nearly two decades, Daughters has had two unflinching constants: the drive to create music that excites us and the steadfast loyalty of our openminded listeners. Today we have launched a Patreon as a way to explore unconventional ways to engage with you, to show our gratitude for the support you’ve given this group, while helping to replace necessary tour income lost to COVID-19. ⁣⁣

Each month we will be giving an in-depth look at one of our songs via demos, commentary and insight from the band members into the music and song-writing process, an exploration of the lyrics and lyrical content, full instrumentals, and stems for remixing. Sign up now to receive three “Satan in the Wait” demos: a live demo showcasing the earliest barebones version of the chorus, a slightly different structure, and an entirely different ending; a demo from Machines With Magnets featuring an alternate performance from Alexis including different lyrics; and a home demo on GarageBand of the final version of the song without vocals, made in Nick’s living room. ⁣

Along with the in-depth look inside a monthly focus track, our Patrons will also gain access to other exclusive content including glances into the making of our next album, exclusive AMA engagements with the band, Patreon-only merchandise, LP variants, early access to tickets and announcements, and much more. We would also like for this to be a place where we not only get to interact with you, but where you can interact with each other, so we’ve set up a private Discord channel specifically for our patrons. ⁣

Join us on Patreon now at https://www.patreon.com/daughters

All our gratitude.

Alexis, Jon, Nick, and Sam