CONCERT REVIEW: Static-X – Sevendust – Dope – Lines of Loyalty Live at The Worcester Palladium

The 2024 Static Killer Tour with Static-X and Sevendust arrived in Worcester with a sold-out show at the Worcester Palladium. With a line wrapped around the block, waiting to get into the venue. We were all in for an amazing night of celebrating the memory of Wayne Static, the King of Evil Disco.

Lines of Loyalty started off the night, with an energetic set consisting of songs from their 2023 release “Hurts to be Human”. Keep an eye out for these Kenosha, WI natives.

Metal veterans Dope were next up the bill. They played many fan-favorite songs, including “Blood Money,” “Die MF Die,” “Debonair,” and their Dead Alive 1980s classic “You Spin Me Round.” Frontman Edsel Dope thrilled the audience with his give no fucks attitude. It’s always great to see the Dope guys when they are in town.

Sevendust has always been one of my favorite bands to see. They are incredible live!
With one of the heaviest set I’ve ever seen them play. They leveled the Worcester Palladium! Playing fourteen songs from the groups vast catalog that included “Black,” “Denial,” “Enemy,” and “Splinter.” Vocalist Lajon Witherspoon sounded amazing and watching Morgan Rose is always a pleasure.

Headliner Static-X brought the nostalgia from the early 2000s with their evil disco. Original members of the Static-X band, Tony Campos, Ken Jay, Koichi Fukada with Vocalist XerO celebrated the memory of Wayne Static with an emotional tribute to the fallen band leader. The production of the show was incredible with numerous video screens, snow effects, bubbles, and giant Frankenstein creatures throughout the set.