CONCERT REVIEW: Decapitated – Septicflesh – Kataklysm – Allegaeon Live at The Observatory

It was my second time coming to The Observatory at Santa Ana, as it’s become a place I enjoy seeing shows, with floor area having inclined sections for fans from afar to see, instead of being blocked from the ground level. Also, the sound of bands and vocals is always sounds great. Walking into venue, there’s a long line for merch, which is expected, as fans talked about whom they came to see, or have seen.

Allegaeon played their first few songs in shadow, very darkly lit blue lights with a thin fog, making them a bit difficult to see. Lead guitarist Greg Burgess plays with 8-string guitar and bassist Brandon Micheal with 6 strings, all impressive to see them play. As well as backup vocalist and guitarist Micheal Stancel heavily screaming into the mic. Surprisingly for drummer there was a set light on him since, usually drummers are always hiding in the back, and poorly lit. Throughout the set, vocalist Ezra Haynes starts dancing occasionally throughout the set, towards the fans up front. It seemed like no one was interested in moshing except one fan, until the end of their last song.

The Canadian death metal band Kataklysm enters the stage with fans showing up and just pushing each other in the lower level of the pit. As “I Slither” being a song that really got me hooked onto them was played live, I went in closer with fans near the pit. Vocalist Maurizio Iacono aggressive look on his face, was glimpsed on occasion as his long hair covers his face, also again there was really good lighting on drummer. Another great band to have seen and enjoyed.

A band that I have always wanted to see but just didn’t have the chance to until this tour, was Septicflesh, as they open up with their song “Portrait Of A Headless Man.” With a darkly lit stage, majority of blue and green lighting, you could still see the band giving their all. Vocalist and bassist Spiro was hyping up the fans as he played, the long dreads of Christos just whipping around as he played guitar, with the other guitarist nonstop headbanging, and hiding in shadows. Playing hit songs “Pyramid God,” “Anubis,” “The Vampire of The Nazareth,” and many others, that I just watched alongside fans near the mosh as some were getting intense in the pit, but used to it.

Lastly, since it’s been years since Decapitated played in the US, the majority of fans came out in support of their album Cancer Culture. Not only did they play from their last album, but older music as well. Being the first date of the tour, the excitement in the band to be here, which fans could tell, especially those that crowd surf to the front. Rafal fist-bumped the fans before they were escorted back to the floor. The flexibility of the bassist just leaning back and jamming out continuously was impressive, and just energetic. The lights were harsh on stage with some strong strobes of light that made Decapitated look very awesome. Seeing the dreads of Rafal flying around him. At the end of their set, they gathered together, thanking the fans happily and high-fiving the fans up front, handing out their guitar picks, and setlists.

It was a truly amazing experience, and just seeing enjoying too much alongside fans headbanging along. A must-see tour!


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