Chupacabra Announce Debut EP and Slayer Audiobook – Podcast Collaboration


British thrash outfit, Chupacabra, have announced August 04 2023 as the release date for their debut EP, Fortified with Ashes. Its opening track, “Burn the Clowns” can be heard in the lyric video below. They are also set to deliver music for an audiobook version of a well-known Slayer biography.


“Burn The Clowns” is also available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.


Chupacabra is providing all the music for the new audiobook edition of DX Ferris’ best-selling Slayer biography, Slayer 66 & 2/3: A Metal Band Biography, Postmortem Remastered Edition, as well as the accompanying podcast, Talkin’ Slayer: A Metal Podcast and Half-@ssed Audiobook.


About Chupacabra:


Chupacabra is the new project from three battle-scarred members of Bristol’s flourishing metal scene. Nige Savage (all instruments except lead guitar) and Heather Taylor (vocals) are former members of the well-known local band Wytch; Heather was also the lead singer for acclaimed Bristol band Cybervoid. Alex Brent, formerly of Captive, rounds out the recording line-up on lead guitar.


Chupacabra bring the full-frontal, in-your-face force of relentless thrashing riffage as a platform for soaring, aggressive vocals that explore issues of toxic relationships, female empowerment, social injustice and the laid-bare rage of one disaffected member of a broken society. Heather Taylor reveals layers of herself threaded through the songs on a journey of venting unbound rage, breaking conditioned compliance and growing a new authentic skin.


For Fans Of:

Kreator, Slayer, Arch Enemy, Holy Moses, At The Gates, Lamb of God, Pest Control, Testament, Sodom


Fortified with Ashes track Listing:


  1. Burn The Clowns
  2. F.T.T.D.
  3. Fortified with Ashes


EP mixed and mastered by Wynter Prior, Sphynx Studios, Brighton


Album Line-Up:

Nige Savage: All instruments, except lead guitar

Heather Taylor: Vocals

Alex Brent: Lead guitar


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