Bongfoot Premiere Their New Single “Kill The Hippies” – Debut Album Out Soon

North Carolina stoner doom sludge crew, Bongfoot, have premiered their new single, “Kill The Hippies,” over at Cave Dwellers. The track is taken from their upcoming album, Help! The Humans, due for release on May 08th. Head into the article below for more.

Listen to “Kill The Hippies” here:
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Forget what you know. Bongfoot is no longer a stoner band. We present to you a glimpse into the Bongverse. Demonic rhythm funk breaks the sound barrier. Green skies and charred earth turns water to dust. In America we trust. Bongfoot never worked for the CIA.

As promised, the Legend of Bongfoot continues…
…Bongfoot gazed upon the Death God of the Universe. Wrapped around the edge of the universe was the skin of a snake. A supreme entity of incomprehensible size and might. The scales that shed from this colossus could be utilized to advance the technological capabilities of the organisms who could wield them. Forever enhancing the living creatures of the universe’s living conditions, but tying them slowly and closer to indentured reliance upon the Death God’s gifts.

Bongfoot returns to a destroyed Earth. The world he once cared for and watched over had become infested with vile creatures known to the animals as “humans”. They wore suits and ties and bore nofeatures upon their faces. They spoke as a hive mind, and were ruled by an entity known as “The Board of Trustees” Some say that these beings came from outside the very edge of the universe. Passing into the universe before the Great Snake began devouring itself. They once lived in harmony with the Death God. They survived there by trading with the other humans who remained in the Unknown, and by using the scales of the Death God when it would pass them by.
To Be Concluded…

Help! The Humans tracklisting:
01 End Times
02 Miss Merica’
03 Environmental Gaslighting
04 Acid Rain
05 Kill the Hippies
06 Bad Man
07 Krakatoa
08 A.D
09 Hot Grease Pt. 2
10 Amazon Death Factory/ Spacefoot
11 Untitled

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