Blaze Bayley to Release “Live In Czech” Album and DVD

Heavy Metal legend Blaze Bayley toured earlier in 2019 on the “Tour of the Eagle Spirit”, conquering stages in Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, France, UK, USA and Canada. In September 2019 Blaze took that tour on the road a second time, with a sequence of shows across Germany, Netherlands, Poland, plus two special concluding concerts at the Melodka venue, Brno, Czech Republic. All-told the tour totalled 59 shows and those final two shows were captured for Blaze’s forthcoming release entitled Live in Czech – a live album and DVD. The theme of the tour followed on from Blaze’s ‘Infinite Entanglement’ trilogy of albums, including deep cuts. Pre-orders are live now for the package.

The audio is produced by Blaze’s gifted guitarist/co-writer Chris Appleton (of British metal band Absolva), with outstanding artwork by Akirant Illustration (illustrator for Iron Maiden & Star Wars) and filmed by his regular video contributor Rich Pembridge. Blaze is proud to present ‘Live in Czech’ on his own independent Blaze Bayley Recording label, the well-established home for all Blaze Bayley releases. Release date is currently planned for 3rd April 2020.

The Live in Czech album will be on double CD and double DVD including a special behind-the-scenes film entitled The Road to Brno and is available to pre-order now via the webshop at with four buying options. Option 4 (Ultimate) offers, in addition to the two CDs and two DVDs, a USB memory stick pre-loaded with an HD version of the concert and ‘The Road to Brno’, as well as a custom patch and custom guitar pick.

Pre-orders are love here:

Live In Czech track listing

The Dark Side of Black

A Thousand Years

Dark Energy 256

The World Is Turning the Wrong Way


Together We Can Move the Sun

Solar Wind


Life Goes On

Fight Back

Silicon Messiah

The Day I Fell to Earth

Eagle Spirit

Calling You Home

Stare at The Sun

Man On The Edge


The Clansman

Blaze Bailey 2019 and 2020 tour dates:

December 2019 (Greece)

2 Katerini, Factory Live Area

3 Komotini, Lesxi Komotineon

4 Thessaloniki, Eightball Club

5 Karditsa, Blues Bar

6 Ioannina, Polixoros Agora

7 Athens, Temple

8 Kastoria, Prague Live Stage

January 2020 (Brazil / Iron Maiden 25th anniversary setlist)

17 Belo Horizonte, Underground Pub

18 Brasilia, Toinha Rock Show

19 Londrina, to be announced

23 Limeira, Bar Da Montanha

24 Vila Velha, Correria Bar

25 Pomerode, Wox Club

26 Sao Paulo, Manifesto Bar

March 2020 (UK / Iron Maiden 25th anniversary setlist)

7 London, Burr Fest

August 2020 (UK / Iron Maiden 25th anniversary setlist)

29 Newark, Stonedead Festival