Behemoth’s Original Lineup To Reunite At The “Merry Christless” Concerts

Behemoth will be taking part in the two “Merry Christless” shows in Poland this month, and they have many surprises in store for their performances. The legends already revealed that Nergal will perform some of the band’s early material with former members, Adam “Baal” Muraszko and Leszek “Les” Dziegielewski, and today they’ve announced that their original guitarist Adam “Desecrator” Malinowski will join Nergal and Baal on stage to perform the first song that the band ever wrote!

Nergal shared this statement: “I honestly don’t remember anymore who was the first one I had asked to join Behemoth, Desecrator or Baal. In fact I had worked with Baal from the very first years of my musical adventure and he was part of most of pre-Behemoth incarnations named Hypnos Death and Centaur and more. But then I GUESS Malinowski aka Desecrator was the trigger point here. We met for the first time in the… kindergarden and became buddies ever since. We met years later. He was the ONLY guy in the neighbourhood wearing long hair (mine was growing but I was still looking like some emo shithead) and Morbid Angel shirt. I asked him if he wants to be in my band but the problem was he didn’t know how to handle ANY instrument. I suggested it’s not a problem coz you can always play bass or be a vocalist coz of your presence. And to be entirely honest here, I was NO shredder either. What did matter to be was the passion we shared. But he was one hell of ambitious dude and decided to buy guitar and LEARN how to play this bitch. In the very first weeks of the existence of the band I brought the first song ever written: “Cursed Angel Of Doom”. Strongly inspired by my all time heroes Blasphemy it kinda lit the torch of what kind of music we were all worshipped. Black and Death Metal with no fuckin’ compromises. And we were planning to bring it even further… sadly he left the band before we started working on the second demo. Anyways, we’ve stayed friends thruout the years. He moved out to US and graduated Harvard University and is a science worker now… yet still a metalhead supporting Behemoth in every way possible. When I mentioned him about this Merry Christless reunion show he was ALL ABOUT joining the party! This very first Behemoth line up has NEVER played live. And during these two sold out shows on 14th and 15th we will be performing “Cursed Angel of Doom” in this ancient trio! I’m immensely thrilled about the possibility of sharing the stage with these gentlemen and bringing some history back!

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