Will Laut’s New Self Titled EP is Coming Out Soon

Californian/French electronica two-piece, Will Laut (named after their frontman, a former Eurovision contender), are about to drop their brand new, self-titled EP. Blending ambient pop, noir minimalism, atmospheric textures, and haunting crooner-style lyrics, the four track record is due out on May 31st, via Wavetrap Records. Keep reading below to find out more.

Pre-order Will Laut here: https://wavetrap.bandcamp.com/album/will-laut-ep

Conceived in studios of Los Angeles and Paris, Will Laut is a duo led by Frankie Gothard, aka COH, known for his role in the computer avant-garde scene of the late 90s. The project draws on COH’s earlier collaborations with vocal performers like John Balance of Coil, Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle, and fashion designer Ann Demeulemeester. The duo’s singer and frontman William Laut, has a diverse musical background, ranging from working with children’s choirs to composing rock anthems, and organizing Asian music showcase festivals.

Unpredictable textures and abstract vocals intertwine to create the self-titled EP by Will Laut. Four tracks featuring haunting melodies that will leave a chill down your spine, the tunes give off major “soundtrack to a horror film” vibes. With a main inspiration behind the EP being doomscrolling and the desire to find humanity in the digital age, the tracks make an important statement towards various demographics. Filled with minor piano intervals and eerie sound effects, the new EP invokes the likes of Giorgio Moroder, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and Pauline Anna Storm.