Warbeast Debut New Song – “Punishment for Gluttony”

Even though the band played their final show last weekend (video), Warbeast will still be unleashing their new album, Enter The Arena, on August 4th via Housecore Records. Today the Texas thrashers have teamed up with Revolver Magazine for the premiere of their new ‘Punishment for Gluttony’ single, and you can stream it below!

Vocalist Bruce Corbitt said this about the new track, “To me this song is vintage Texas thrash and defines what Warbeast is all about … pure aggression and adrenaline from start to finish. For the lyrics, I envisioned a guy like Tony Montana, who does everything in life to the extreme. So much so that he becomes his own worst enemy. There are some actual lines in this song directly from the movie Scarface that some of you will probably catch. Luckily before I had to retire we performed this song live several times … and it always got a good reaction from the crowd. So I’m really excited that the rest of the world is finally able to hear it.

Love it right?! Pre-order your copy of Enter The Arena here!