VCS Share a Video for “Pharmakeia” and Drop Their New Album

VCS (AKA Violates Community Standards) have shared a lyric video for their track, “Pharmakeia.” At the same time, they have released their new punk-metal fusion album, This Is The Line. Keep reading below for streaming links and more from VCS.

Watch the new lyric video for “Pharmakeia”
Stream This is The Line here:

The most important thing about this band is that our message is just as important to us as our music. Our goal is to wake up as many people as we can to the fact that this world, this system, is not what it seems. It is an artificial construct designed to keep us covertly enslaved. We want to make people understand that the concept of authority itself is morally illegitimate, that we can govern our own affairs, and that we don’t need “masters” or leaders in order to peacefully coexist on this planet. The way to do this is to make people aware of how the global systems of power operate, how reality itself works, and how our inner selves work. We all need to do the internal work of healing ourselves and informing ourselves, and we hope to help people do this.” – Bryan Hoxsey, lead vocalist for VCS

This Is The Line combines textures from influences such as Bad Religion, Pennywise, DI, Metallica, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden with a modern twist. Known for bringing a potent blend of old-school hardcore punk, skatepunk, and crossover thrash, VCS demonstrates a unique edge and ability to combine elements from punk and metal genres, with their own distinct sound and message. With twelve standout tracks in the album, producer Dan Banura and VCS create a whole new soundscape of fast, aggressive riffing, dynamic song structures, and catchy vocal melodies that audiences know them for, into a style that feels brand new yet still familiar. Standout tracks such as “Without Masters”, “Internal Sovereignty”, and “The Real Plague” discuss the nature of modern society and the enslavement people face by institutions, often without knowing it. With booming vocals from Bryan Hoxsey, and heavy-hitting guitar from Josh Torres, the group gives audiences a mind-bending journey through metal and punk that provides unique insight into the human experience. 

Lyrics like “We band together, fervent minds that are awake, lighting the way, the task we’re meant to undertake. Our understanding forms a sacred bond we cannot break, holding our ground because we know what is at stake. Within the darkness be the light, a guiding shine, unflinching we step up to fight, this is the line,” audiences are given a chance to peer into the group’s mindset on the state of modern society, and what is to come for the future.

VCS has been compared to 88 Fingers Louie, No Use For A Name, early Anthrax, Armored Saint, and even Bad Religion meets Metallica. Though they tend to categorize themselves as a punk-rock band, their audience definitely picks up on their metal influences such as Misfits, Lagwagon, Megadeth, Agent Orange, Slayer, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Adolescents, Sepultura, Black Sabbath, Pantera, DI, Iron Maiden, Minor Threat, and many more. 

Recent shows for the group included Rok House in Upland, CA alongside The Dickies, No Consent, and Since We Were Kids on June 1st. VCS is taking the rest of June off from playing live to start writing their next album and create more content, but will continue playing more live shows in July including at Solaris Brewing in Murrieta, CA w/ Guttermouth & Venomous Pinks on July 11th.

More from VCS:
VCS plays a potent blend of old-school hardcore punk, skatepunk & crossover thrash. The band fuses all the elements they love from both punk and metal – fast, aggressive riffing; dynamic song structures; catchy vocal melodies – into a fresh yet familiar style. Consisting of guitarist Josh Torres, drummer Chris Steik, bassist Rick Pinto and vocalist Bryan Hoxsey, VCS collectively has decades of experience playing in Southern California punk, metal and rock bands. VCS uses the knowledge gained through the school of hard knocks to craft some of the best songs they’ve ever written.

Although VCS is an acronym for Violates Community Standards, the name shouldn’t be misconstrued as an attack on all communities. The community standards that VCS opposes are the standards set by a psychopathic establishment that clearly doesn’t have the best interests of the people at heart. Those of the hypnotized masses who still get their “news” from the corporate media, the misguided mob that cheers when dissenting voices are crushed, the fools who believe that the government can and should make all decisions for the people because the people can’t govern themselves. The standards set by that community should be violated, because they are counter to everything that freedom-loving people cherish.

VCS actually seeks to form its own community, a community for the awakened, the outcasts and rebels, those who reject authoritarianism and embrace human freedom, the small but ever-growing minority with a strong moral compass and a clear set of principles that are never to be compromised.

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