Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown Share a Single and Video for “Snake Oil” – New Album Coming Soon

Nashville rockers, Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown, have announced their brand new album, Electrified. It is due to come out on the band’s own Rattle Shake Records label, on May 10th. They also recently shared the album’s first single and video, “Snake Oil.” Check it out below and find out more.

Stream “Snake Oil” here: https://orcd.co/snakeoil
Pre-order Electrified here: https://linktr.ee/tbshakedown

The band rate Electrified is their most authentic release yet. “I think about the Electrified recordings as sonic snapshots of who we are right now,” says Tyler, “It’s so easy to get red light fever when recording. I think since we started our own label and have been writing and recording music all the time, the whole process has become a little bit more normal, allowing us to be a little more at ease. In turn, I think this is potentially our most “authentically us” sounding album.

For drummer Caleb Crosby, “This album feels like the culmination of where we’ve been and where we want to be. I feel we pushed the boundaries even more for ourselves on this project.

Reflecting on the inspirations for “Snake Oil,” Tyler explains, “Two of my favorite rock bands are The Black Crowes and Blackberry Smoke. So many of my favorite times have been spent at their shows or with their tunes playing in the background. I desperately wanted to write a song in the spirit of these bands that I love, and I ended up with Snake Oil.

Recorded at TBSD’s musical headquarters, The Lily Pad, in Nashville, Tennessee, Electrified’s tracks demonstrate the band’s deeply held musical philosophy, that “In a fast-moving, increasingly digital world, vintage tube gear is considered obsolete by the majority, but for those still living on the fringes of time, there’s a quality of magic when pieces of gear from a different age power up — the dim glow of vacuum tubes purposefully burning and generating heat in the close quarters of a control room.

“Snake Oil”’s video captures the band’s force and energy. The one drawback is that the black and white visuals don’t show off Tyler’s signature pink Strat, an iconic instrument which the Fender Custom Shop have homaged by releasing a very special, made-on-demand, limited-edition guitar. Nevertheless, the video’s stark but energetic visuals, complete with ghostly echoes, show Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown infusing the music with electrifying energy, including Tyler’s soaring guitar solo.

Riffing on electricity, the band reflect, “For those watching meters, there’s always a dip in voltage around 6 o’clock. When workaday folks get home and start turning on their televisions and firing up their microwaves, the hum of electricity goes crackling down the power lines, lighting up the windows of house after house, street after street, mile after mile. But when the Moon has been high for hours and, slowly but surely, the nearby world starts to fall asleep — that’s when workanight folks, like Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown, come alive.

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Tyler Bryant – Vocals and guitar
Caleb Crosby – Drums
Graham Whitford – Guitar

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