TOUR DIARY: Suicide Puppets USA Tour Fall 2021 

Ghost Cult’s intrepid correspondent and concert photographer Kim Hansen followed Industrial Rock act Suicide Puppets on Tour recently as the band opened for Soulfly on a string of successful shows. What follows is her account of life on the road with an up and coming band. 

Saturday September 4, 2021

The Lost Horizon

Syracuse, NY


Driving to the venue, I am excited to be joining the Suicide Puppets as their tour photographer on day one of their thirteen day tour as direct support to metal greats Soulfly. The Suicide Puppets are a six piece Industrial Metal band from Harrisburg, PA and have been working hard to make a successful transition to become a touring band. 

The anticipation is palpable after the two local openers do their part to prepare the packed house for what is to come. The Suicide Puppets hit the stage and found many new fans in Syracuse who made their way to the merch booth afterwards to meet the band.  Autographs were signed, pictures were taken and the event staff congratulated them for a job well done.  

As this was the closest tour city to their hometown, many family members and friends were there to show their support.  After a brief after party back at the hotel, it was time to rest up for the next day’s early departure for the long drive to Chesterfield, MI.  Leaving family and friends behind means being torn between family life and tour life. 

Tuesday September 14, 2021

Scout Bar

Houston, TX


I flew into Houston to rejoin their tour and catch up on the days I’ve missed.  They have been well received in each of the tour cities and are enjoying life on the road.  After the sound check, we head out for something to eat and regroup.  The band is settling into their tour and are making new friends and fans everywhere they play.  This is exactly how one envisions a successful tour.  


As soon as their set ends, they have a very short window of time to clear the stage for the Soulfly team to set up.  Not one second is wasted and they have their routine down precisely to keep the schedule on time. It is almost surreal to hear Soulfly now give them shout outs of praise towards the end of their own set.  

We were able to spend some time at the venue for fans to meet the band before it was time to head to our nearby hotel. We are told the load in time for the next venue and we make the attempt to get as much sleep as possible.


Wednesday September 15, 2021

Come and Take It Live

Austin, TX


After a quick breakfast, we head from Houston to Austin to check in for the 12:30 load in.  The venue has several viewing levels which means different angles to shoot from for me.  The walls are covered in wood so it looks very rustic.  


I am enjoying watching the cycle of events that makes each venue come alive.  When we arrive, it is a blank canvas until Soulfly loads in their gear and does their sound check.  The Suicide Puppets then load in their gear and do their sound check.  Their gear is moved behind the Soulfly stage to make room for the two local bands to do the same.  The stage manager is on top of watching the clock to make sure each layer happens on time.  

After the show, we head to our rental house, which is where we will call home base for the next few nights so we do not have to pack up and move every night.  Having the extra room is welcomed as is the use of the laundry.  


Thursday September 16, 2021


Dallas, TX


We actually had a real sit down breakfast today at IHOP before heading to the venue.  The interior support beams are covered in bark, hence the venue’s name Trees. Load in and sound check went well; however, it was evident the small stage would pose a challenge for a six man band whose style is energetic and in-your face.  Stage right guitarist, Steven Suicide, rose to the challenge and was able to make his way to the front side of the tree much to the delight of the fans in the front row.  

As soon as their set finishes, it is again a race against time to clear the stage of gear on time for Soulfly to set up.  Tour life is a lot of hurry up and wait, scrambling, and very little down time to sightsee or even sleep. After meeting new fans at the merch booth, we head back to our rental house grateful to be already settled in.


Friday September 17, 2021

Country River Club

Tyler, TX


Our 1PM load in means we are on the road early and grab breakfast to eat in the van on the go.  We arrived in Tyler to find a  large venue with multiple rooms for different events.  The stage is also large with a peninsula in the center which gives the musicians the opportunity to  venture further out into the crowd.  


The Country River Club is in an off the beaten path location without any food nearby. Thankfully we have a ton of snacks in the van that become dinner.  Rather light crowd tonight which didn’t dampen the energy being generated on the stage.  Those in attendance were treated to up close and personal interactions with both the Suicide Puppets and Soulfy walking out onto the peninsula during their sets within arms reach of the appreciative fans up front.  

After packing up for the night, we make the two and a half  hour ride back to our rented house for the final time.  


Saturday September 18, 2021

Vibes Event Center

San Antonio, TX


We checked out of our house after not much sleep from the night before and headed to San Antonio.  We are welcomed by the event staff and start to load in and do sound checks.  A friend of the Suicide Puppets has flown in to surprise them and another local friend drops by to show their support. Music is truly the glue that holds us together.


The sound and lighting in this venue are amazing, as is the size of the crowd in stark comparison to last night.  You can feel the energy building as the night progresses.  The Suicide Puppets have certainly made their presence known. They have made some new fans and friends who stop by the merch booth to meet the band and take pictures with them.  

This is my last night on tour as the Suicide Puppets travel to El Paso the following day for their last night and I fly home to New Jersey.  As they drop me off at my hotel, I express gratitude for bringing me along on their adventure.  It was everything I expected and more.  I saw talented musicians consistently bring it to their fans every night and make new friends.  The entire Soulfly team was wonderful to us and couldn’t have been more professional and fun to work with.  They set a great example to follow.  It has been an incredible journey and I know that I will miss it.  Touring is hard work and tiring but so very rewarding and I look forward to my next run.  It’s addicting and I know it will be calling me back into its embrace soon.