The Pests Streaming A Damn Fine Mixture

the pests

The Pests are releasing their self-produced new album A Damn Fine Mixture, mastered by Scott Hull (Rage Against the Machine, Beastie Boys) and out now on the bands own 60 Grit label. See the official video for “I Admit It” here, and hear A Damn Fine Mixture here.

Originally from New Orleans but now making NYC their home, The Pests (Steve Halprin -vocals/guitar, Chuck Diesel – bass/vocals, Mazz-1 – drums) have recently released a flurry of pummeling rhythms, clench-fisted chords and meaty hooks.

A Damn Fine Mixture is 13 tried and true punk rock songs. Mixing melody with aggression The Pests have created an album filled with originality and meaning while still making sure everybody has a good time. Staying true to the old school A Damn Fine Mixture will be available on vinyl starting February 1.

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