Taipei Houston Shares a New Music Video – “Frequency” Tour Edition


Taipei Houston, the Psychedelic and Alternative rock duo featuring Myles and Layne Ulrich, sons of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, has released the official music video for the song “Frequency”. Taipei Houston’s debut album, “Once Bit Never Bored”, was released last November via C3 Records.






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Taipei Houston are a duo from the Bay Area in Northern California. Comprised of brothers Myles (drums, guitar) and Layne Ulrich (lead vocals, bass), who play drums and bass respectively, the band was born out of both brothers coming back to their childhood home during the pandemic. They then moved down to Los Angeles, and once able to perform live again, started playing shows throughout Southern California.



Says the band about the project, “To us, Taipei Houston is about going against the grain in every aspect. We live in a time that is ripe with extremely difficult and confusing challenges. Technology grips the world more and more, politics have become so polarized, we are heading towards climate disaster. This music is born and bred out of the contemporary, buzzing digital anxiety we all experience, and how we can try to escape those feelings – even for a second.”


Check out our interview with Myles and Layne Ulrich:

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